Meal Prepping-The Key To Success

Meal Prepping-The Key To Success

Meal Prepping-The Key To Success

If you’re considering a Paleo diet, you already know that you’re in for some pretty drastic changes to your conventional eating habits. By eating “cave man” style, you’ll be saying goodbye to any food associated with agricultural developments, such as dairy products from domesticated cows, or grain-based foods like bread or pasta. Instead, you’ll be eating “au natural” with only the type of food a hunter-gatherer could get from prey, trees, and bushes.

Planning Matters

This means that meal preparation is critical. Unlike some other, more numbers-based diets, you won’t have to worry about counting calories here. In fact, you won’t need to track your calorie intake at all, especially if you’re pairing your Paleo diet with exercise.

What you WILL have to do is exercise more care and discipline in your meal preparation and planning. Phasing pasta and bread out of your diet, for example, is going to put huge “hit” on more modern sources of carbohydrates. So you’ll need to make up for that lack of carbs from dried fruit sources, like raisins and dates.

You’ll also need to pay careful attention to exactly what foods you are putting into your food groups. You’re losing the grain food group entirely, so your diet will consist of meat, vegetables, and fruits, which will need to take up the slack. Try eating organ meats from time to time, such as kidney or liver. Make sure you expand your vegetables beyond just potatoes and carrots and try richer sources such as taro root.

And lastly, you’ll need to exercise discipline. Stick to three meals a day, even if breakfast has traditionally been a bit of a rush for you with just a cup of coffee. Eat your fill at each meal, and don’t skimp. This is important because you’ll need to avoid snacking! So eat up and do it properly!


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