Cross Fit & Paleo

Cross Fit & Paleo

For some people who are serious about getting the most out of their bodies, it’s essential to have a regimen that combines both a sensible diet, as well as good exercise. This is the ultimate match since an intelligent diet plan gives your body good fuel to work with, while exercise strengthens the body, and ensures that fat remains at a minimum.

This brings us to two relatively new additions to the worlds of dieting and exercise, known as the Paleo diet, and cross fit training. What are they, and how do they work together?

The Paleo Diet Benefit

A Paleo diet is, in the simplest sense, eating like a “cave man.” It’s a diet that puts the emphasis not on how many calories you eat per day, but the kind of calories you are putting into yourself. A Paleo diet, as the name implies, is about eating only those things that our tribal ancestors could conceivably get for themselves through hunting and gathering. This means eliminating traditional, farm based foods, such as dairy and wheat products, and emphasizing more natural, less processed alternatives like berries, organic meats, and other choices.

The Cross Fit Experience

Cross fit training is about taking practical movements from different athletics disciplines, such as weight lifting, rowing, and running, and performing these movements at high intensity. This isn’t like other exercise routines, such as yoga or calisthenics that work with stretching, balls or boxes. The focus is on everyday movements that you would need to perform, and maximizing your strength building in these movements.

Combined, a Paleo diet gives your body daily access to high-quality calories with none of the preservatives, chemicals or toxins of processed food. The cross fit training emphasizes maximum efficiency with daily routines on important, functional movements you use in everyday life. It’s a very effective combination that complements the strengths of each other.


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