Adjusting To Elimination Of Refined Sugar

One of the biggest reasons that people make the switch to a Paleo diet is to become healthier, stronger and have more energy. However, one thing that people need to keep firmly in mind with a Paleo diet is that the benefits mentioned, while very real, are not instant. In fact, there’s a chance you may feel worse for a while before you start to feel the benefits. Why is that? In the simplest terms, it’s because you’re transitioning, and one of the things that you’re losing out on is the sugar rush we take for granted in an everyday diet.

No More Instant Boost

Because a Paleo diet is about abstaining from any food that was developed after civilization’s discovery of agricultural techniques, there are going to be a lot of daily staples you take for granted that are suddenly off the table. Things like caffeine that people rely on for a quick boost of energy, and, more commonly, refined sugar which is a huge amount of processed foods, are suddenly off your list.

Your body, after having been addicted to these substances for years, is going to notice the absence and react accordingly, especially if you’re going “cold turkey” and just stopping entirely. Your metabolism needs to readjust how it digests food, and what kinds of food it has to work with. “Traditional” sources of sugar for you like chocolate bars, ice cream, and other sweets are no longer a regular part of your diet. You can still make up for this by switching over to high carbohydrate foods such as bananas, or even dried fruits like raisins which are naturally sweet.

The other thing you’ll need to do is eat more! You won’t be snacking anymore, but you will be eating three meals a day, and the meals are all high-quality sources of calories. So load up on these to make up for the lack of constant sugar boosts you’d normally get with a more modern diet.