10 Paleo Immunity Boosting Foods

Yep, it’s that time of year again! Colds and Flu and Gastro bugs running rampant through childcares, schools and work!  It’s only May and between my children, husband and I we have already had 4 colds and 1 case of the gastro (only 1 thankfully!)

I am a huge believer in the Flu Vaccine and this year all four of us are getting the jab- in fact the Australian government  is providing free flu vaccinations for all children under 5yo , due to this age group being so notorious for poor hygiene, sharing toys, sneezing and coughing everywhere! So that sorts out the major flu strains, but we still need to boost our immunity for the common cold and other viruses!

So here are my top Paleo Friendly picks that my family and I use almost everyday over the winter months.  Disclaimer, these will not prevent you from catching the virus, but they are natural foods which are known to help fight and or perhaps reduce the severity of those dreaded symptoms.


  1. Bone Broth

Rich in minerals and high in protein containing amino acids, assisting with reduction of inflammation and healing compounds such as collagen to help support digestive health by healing the lining of the gut, supporting digestion and boosting immunity. I love to use bone broth as the base for my stews and soups or as hot drink before my dinner.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. With Curcumin being the active ingredient it is anti-viral and anti-fungal. Because inflammation is the cause of many chronic diseases, turmeric is a Paleo pantry staple. When mixed with black pepper, turmeric absorption is significantly increased. Turmeric is pretty diverse and you can use for sweet and savoury. I use it in the form of Turmeric Lattes, in Chia Seed Puddings, sweet and savoury baking, protein balls, smoothies, smoothie bowls, stews, curries, seasoning on home made veggie chips and baked veggies- the possibilities are endless!

  1. Banana Resistant Starch

Contains zinc which is hugely important in maintaining a healthy immune system. It is also an amazing pre and probiotic and high in fibre. I use this for the whole famliy in smoothies, baking, chia seed puddings, protein balls etc. I have particularly found banana starch has really helped with some of my gut issues since I started using it, I just love this stuff!

  1. Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is thought to be an anti-microbial, a wound-healing agent, an immune booster and an antioxidant.  I use this when my kids have colds- I make them a lemon and honey lukewarm concoction, they call it “lolly water”, they love it! Also, during winter I will often pop in their milk, smoothies, drizzled on top of paleo pancakes  and yogurt (YES my kids still have dairy as it does not upset them at all). I also use it to sweeten up home made gummies and jelly cups, in baking. My personal favourite immune busting treat is turmeric manuka jelly or Turmeric Latte with Manuka.

  1. Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds are a fantastic plant based addition to your diet. They are high in Amino Acids, Omegas and Fibre. Hemp is fantastic for gut health, anti-inflammatory and immune support- due to it’s ability to boost the immunoglobulinin our bodies. I use hemp seeds in baking for cookies, paleo bread and muffins, sprinkled on smoothie bowls, hemp powder in smoothies and baking, I cook the seeds as “porridge”- in stews for a grainy texture…again you catch my drift, the possibilities are endless. It is just so easy to incorporate all these things into your daily diet.

  1. Tart Montmorency Cherry

Cherries are really high in naturally occurring melatonin, vitamin C, zinc and a flavonoid called proanthocyanidin , all which help have extremely high anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. We use the Tart Cherry concentrate instead of  artificial sugary cordials as a referring drink, in ice-blocks, jelly cups and gummies.

  1. Gelatin & Collagen

Well known for improving gut health, building blocks for skin, hair and nails, anti aging,  joint health and Immune support. My kids get jelly for dessert EVERYDAY! Yes! I make jelly cups and gummies with all sorts of natural flavours and fruits- my kids think they are getting a treat, but I get the last laugh because they don’t realise how good this stuff actually is for them!!! I also love a jelly for dessert- the added bonus is they super low in calories…winning! I also use collagen or gelatin in my flavoured lattes, protein shakes and Green smoothies.

  1. Maca Powder

Maca helps manage stress levels, which in turn may boost immunity. Maca is easy to throw in baking, drinks, soups, stews, sweet treats, just about anything!

  1. Mulberry Leaf

Mulberry Leaf Tea is high in anti-oxidants and contains a compound called beta carotene which helps support immune function.

  1. Almonds

Almonds have been found to increase our body’s ability to fight off viruses. Hooray, because I just love almonds- natural, roasted, salted anyway I can get them!

So I hope you have found this information helpful. I am by no means an expert in the fields of food medicine or food science, but my own personal research, trial and error  and desire to make sure my family gets the highest quality immune boosting nutrition, is what has led me to my top 10 list. Don’t forget the amazing healing powers and immune boosting benefits of Fresh Fruit and Veggies- combine these with immune boosting superfoods and the benefits can be profound!

In the famous words of the “Father of Medicine” himself, Hippocrates circa 400BC:


“Let food by thy Medicine and Medicine be thy food”


Article by: Clio Austin (owner of Live Paleo)