10 Benefits of Consuming Gelatin

Gelatin is created from isolating and dehydrating parts of animals, including skin, bones and tissue which is made into a dried powder which is virtually tasteless and colourless.

1. Good for Gut Health and Digestion

Prevents damage to intestinal tract by lining it thus preventing leaky gut syndrome and inflammation. Improves our digestion by promoting better gastric acid secretion of nutrient absorption and helps balance digestive enzymes and acid, this can lead to a reduction in reflux, bloating, indigestion, water retention and constipation.


2. Good for your Joints and Redcues Joint Pain

Gelatin and collagen can help with easing symptoms of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.


3. Aids with liver in detoxification

The amino acid glycine in gelatin helps the liver with detoxification.


4. Better Sleep Quality

Research has found that consuming gelatin can improve sleep quality.


5. Mood Enhancing and Better Cognitive Function

Gelatine contains an amino acid called glycine which acts like a natural anti anxiety and anti depressant. It can boost mental acuity and calmness.


6. Good for Skin Health

Gelatin helps to renew skin cells and can protect your skin from UV damage, thereby reducing skin damage and slowing the aging processes of your skin.


7. Helps Maintain Heart Health

Can reduce risk for disease and stroke.


8. Stronger Bones

Gelatin is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and sulphur which help protect bones.


9. Weight Loss

Gelatin helps you feel full for longer and it increases satiety hormones.


10. Source of protein

Gelatin although not a complete protein, is a great source of dietary protein.


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