Strength Training For Weight Loss

One of the simple realities of weight loss is that there’s a certain, unavoidable math at work in this endeavour. That math is very simple; you have to burn more calories than you take in over the course of a day. As long as you can do this, your body will consume the available calories you’ve eaten, and then burn up any fat reserves you have in your body, and you will lose weight.

The best way to do this is through a combination of adjusting your eating habits, such as taking up a Paleo diet and coordinating this with some kind of exercise, which guarantees you burn up a high amount of calories in a single day. But what kind of exercise? There’s one option that, if you stick with it, is guaranteed to make you look good, and that’s strength training.

Why It Works

Strength training is so effective because it is so high intensity. Compared to aerobics, which simply has you engaging in general, high energy activities to get your heart rate up, strength training works specific parts of your body intensely. This more demanding workout on specific body parts often boosts your metabolism for a longer time than aerobic exercise, sometimes over 30 hours.

Strength training is also body sculpting. Unlike aerobics which simply makes you lose weight, strength training can focus where the weight is lost. You can aim for a flat stomach, sculpted biceps, or any of the other areas of your body that ensure you look good in a swimsuit.

And finally, strength training, as the name, implies, makes you stronger. You’ll be both healthier thanks to the exercise, but, thanks to the focus on strength, you’ll also be able to lift more, push more, and generally do more, because you’ll have more energy reserves, as well as more physical strength!